Virus Clean Up

Disinfection of viruses, trojans and malware from a compromised PC. Care is taken to preserve and safeguard the client's data, prior to the commencement of the cleanup.

Undelete Missing Data
Recover lost or deleted data, photographs, etc., from the computer hard disk drive. It is often all too easy to delete the wrong files, or clear the Recycle Bin, and then find a critical document is missing.
Broadband - Internet
Broadband installation and connection can be arranged and carried out for the client, plus troubleshooting of an existing circuit which has lost or dropped its Internet connection.
Additions and Customising
Memory upgrades, installation and transfer of data to a larger or additional hard disk drive, extra cooling, further available ports, etc., can all be carried out.
PC Failure/Freeze Up
Computer fails to start up, will not boot into Operating System, or freezes whilst trying to run a programme. Diagnostics and repairs can be carried out, whilst maintaining the integrity of the client's data. In the event of the machine being completely dead, extraction of data, photographs, etc., from the computer's hard drive can usually be achieved, and transferred onto a new drive or computer, or burned to CD, etc.
Wireless And Wired Networks
Creating a new wireless connection or wired network, or adding to an existing network, so that several computers can use the Broadband connection simultaneously. Troubleshooting of a dropped wireless connection can also be carried out.
Miscellaneous Services
Consultation, general help, and advice can be given to assist or overcome problems encountered when using or running many modern programmes.  Installation of software programmes, backups, general computer maintenance, etc., can all be provided to suit individual client requirements.


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